When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier. Diane Von Furstenberg  (via thatkindofwoman) Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:10am
Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:09am


when the test question says “describe what’s happening in the picture” but the picture be like


Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:08am


it’s crazy how much one person can fuck you up

Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:08am
It doesn’t get better. You get better. Joan Rivers (via smoques) Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:07am
There are some people, I’m kinda glad I’m not close with anymore. (via versteur) Wednesday Oct 1 @ 06:07am
Tuesday Sep 30 @ 06:14pm


liking someone’s selfie takes two seconds and it boosts their self esteem by 203948204

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 06:14pm
Tuesday Sep 30 @ 06:13pm

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 06:12pm

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